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The fun and challenging game that shows destruction is not always easy.

Demolish! Pairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions asked and most frequently requested information about Demolish! Pairs.


When will Demolish! Pairs be released for iOS?

Demolish! Pairs is available now for iOS from the App Store.

Will there be a version of Demolish! Pairs for Android?

Yes, Demolish! Pairs is available now for Android from Google Play.

Why does the title screen show "2011" when it is now 2024?

Our game artist, Rick Tumanis, passed away in 2011, and that copyright notice remains untouched in tribute.

How can I play Demolish! Pairs for free?

Demolish! Pairs FTP is a free-to-play version for iOS available on the App Store.

Are all levels winnable?

No, levels are not guaranteed to be winnable, although it is rare to find an unwinnable level at the default sizes. (As of this writing, the first 1500 levels on the iPad in Zen mode are known to be winnable.) In general, the more colors and (perhaps counterintuitively) smaller the grid you have, the more likely you are to find unwinnable levels.

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