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The fun and challenging game that shows destruction is not always easy.

Demolish! Pairs

Call for iOS beta testers.

Digital Gamecraft is currently seeking a few enthusiastic people to join its beta team to help test upcoming games.

The first game we will be beta testing is Demolish! Pairs, a puzzle/arcade game for all iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch). This is a closed beta test, which means that we only provide beta copies of the game, for testing prior to release, to a limited number of participants.

What do I have to do?

All a beta tester needs to do is to play the game as you wish and provide some basic feedback. You download each beta version of the game, from links in email, follow some basic instructions to install it on your device, and enjoy! If you find any problems, get confused by anything, or have suggestions, you tell us; toward the end, you give us your general opinion.

What do I get in return?

In return for your time, you will get your hands on this excellent game in advance, have an opportunity to enjoy it (for free) and even help make it a better game. For your useful feedback, you will also receive our gratitude, your name in the credits (if you wish), and either a free copy of the game or something else cool (tbd), as well as a number of intangibles.

How do I get started?

Simply fill out the short form below as completely as possible and submit it, and you will be contacted via email. Note that we may not select everybody who applies, depending on volume of applicants and the distribution of devices and iOS versions (as we need broad coverage). If you have multiple iOS devices, please submit a form for each one; that is helpful to us (and increases your chances greatly).

Beta tester application form.

Full name: (required)
Email address: (required)
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iOS device type:
Device ID: [see Obtaining the iOS device ID below]
iOS version:

How did you hear about this opportunity?

If you prefer, you may instead email information to us at

Obtaining the iOS device ID

To get the device ID from iTunes, follow these instructions:

  1. Launch iTunes.
  2. Connect your device to your computer.
  3. In the upper-right corner, select the device.
  4. In the Summary pane, click the Serial Number label under Phone Number (for iPhones) or Capacity (for other devices). The label changes to Identifier (UDID) and displays the device ID.
  5. To copy the device ID, select Edit > Copy Identifier (UDID), or (if the copy command is disabled) right/control-click on the identifier itself and select Copy Identifier (UDID) from the popup menu.
  6. Once you have the device ID in the clipboard (or pasteboard), paste it into the Device ID box in the above form.

Note that iOS version and capacity information can also be found on the Summary pane.

More information

To stay informed of news and updates, please visit our news page, 'Like' Digital Gamecraft on Facebook, add Digital Gamecraft on Google+ to your circles, and follow @DigGamecraft on Twitter.